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The Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery is always looking for new friends, and your efforts and talents will be put to good use as we seek to accomplish our goals.

Please join us in our mission to educate the larger community about Woodlawn’s rich and varied history, and to provide the means to preserve and conserve this treasure. Please see the Contact page to add your name to our mailing list.

Contributions may be sent to:  

Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery of Elmira, Inc.
PO Box 1303, Elmira, New York, 14902-1303


Your donation allows us to preserve, revitalize, educate, maintain and sustain. We appreciate your support. All monetary contributions are tax-deductable.

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Tell your friends and family about Friends of Woodlawn Cemetery. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Support us now and make an impact!